Max vs. Jake: The Fans Respond!

Jake Bass and Max Ryder are what a lot of fans call “the definitive” CockyBoys. We found that really interesting, so we decided to take their star power one step further and ask fans what specifically they like so much about Max and Jake. After Project GoGo Boy, a lot of fans either found themselves on Team Jake or Team Max, so you’d think these two appeal to fans for very different reasons. But what we found for the most part was that fans like these guys for the same reason — their sweet, sexy looks doubled with their sly, sneaky personalities. Do you think these charts are accurate or do you like “Jax” for an entirely different reason?

Max Ryder Survey

Jake Bass Survey

Thanks to Jin Reads for creating these surveys. We received a total of 500 responses!

Author: Peter Pagan

Interactive Designer / Digital Warrior / Visual Artist at CockyBoys.

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