Create a hot Cockyboys GIF- win THREE MONTHS membership to Cockyboys!!

Animated GIFS- short and sweet little animations of cock-hardening sexiness. Sometimes it feels like Tumblr was created especially for them, they’re the format of choice for memes, and their sheer brevity force us to sit up and pay attention to whatever they’re demanding us to watch…

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Cockyboys have their fair share of hot GIF’s zipping across the net, as you can see above- flipping hot right? But we want more- and we want you, the fans, to pick your favorite moments from Cockyboys scenes and turn them into endlessly repeating moments of pure awesomeness. And here at Cockyboys we reward our fans awesomeness- take part and you’ll be in with a chance to win some incredible prizes!

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Three – yes three!- months membership to OR your choice of any 3 Cockyboys DVDs!

2 months membership to OR your choice of any 2 Cockyboys DVDs

A one month membership to OR any Cockyboys DVD of your choice

All winners will have their creations featured on the CockyBeast and all the Cockyboys Platforms!!

To be in with a chance to win you’ve got to impress us with the moment you pick to immortalise in GIF form– will it be the intense expression on Colby Keller’s face as he pounds Dale Cooper in A Thing Of Beauty? Will it be a sweet kiss Levi Karter places on blonde hunk Hayden Lourd? Or maybe Jake Bass snarling as he pushes his cock into Ricky Roman’s tight ass?… The possibilities are endless!

Once you’ve created your GIFs (here’s some help on how to make them here if you don’t know how) you should post them on Tumblr and tweet about them to @thecockybeast and/or place a link in the comments section here, also letting us know why you picked that moment to make a GIF from- we love to hear the reasons why you love our Cockyboys!

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There are a couple more points to make, but they’re super simple:

– You must be over 18 to participate

– Please try to keep each GIF under 1mb each

– You can submit as many GIF’s as you want to

– The deadline for submissions is December 15th

– We give you permission to use any footage from our trailers/scenes, but you must credit in the GIF (Here’s a downloadable Cockyboys logo if you need it)

-We reserve the right to use any GIFs created in our promotional materials- just think, your GIF could be seen all over the web!

That’s about it- so get creating! If you have any questions feel free to comment below and we’ll answer asap…

Author: Nick Swallow

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