NEW Answered Prayers Contest ending February 10th, 2015


Since the start of Answered Prayers, Jake Jaxson has been lacing secret messages, clues, and “Easter eggs” in his miniseries ANSWERED PRAYERS. He’s incorporated many symbols and hidden messages taken from mythology, art, new age, astrology, religion, classical literature, conspiracies, and secret societies — all designed to provoke and stir the curious mind.

room101 1111 painting

The Banker

The Healer

The Bully

The Ascension of the Lamb

The Assumption of the Lamb

The Redeemer

Ode to Puck

The Music Teacher

The Actor

For the next 33 days, we invite users to share some of their favorite “Easter Eggs” they have discovered, and share their interpretations and meanings of the symbols presented in the films.

We want you guys to have fun, be creative, and be engaged. You can write, draw, make a video, decoupage, widdle, or pantomime your submission.

Post your submissions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube or your even your cork board. And don’t forget this part: post a link to your submission in the comments section of this post, so others can enjoy them and so we can enter you into the contest.

Jake Jaxson & Co. will review ALL submissions and select the most interesting submissions, which will be voted on by your fellow fans and peers.

Winners will be eligible for prizes that include props from the films, sets of RJ Sebastian photos, signed posters, signed collector’s editions of the DVD, and free memberships. Have fun, and we look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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