#TeamTan Initiation – Levi Karter, Ricky Roman & Liam Riley


Levi Karter started a buzz on twitter when he and his street team, @LeviK_St_Team , started talking about #TeamTan Initiation this past Monday afternoon. Ricky Roman and Liam Riley chimed in with tweets as well and had everyone wondering what was going on.

At midnight, Levi released his newest video that he filmed and edited on his iphone. The video stars himself, Ricky and the newest member of #TeamTan, Liam. It shows the three men individually as well as them together from their recent trip to Las Vegas. They are dancing at some clubs, in the office, and even Levi on the pole in his home. It is, as Jake Jaxson said, smoking hot in parts! The unique group that the three of them have formed shows in the way they move together in this video.


Levi has this to say about the video:

I hope you all enjoy this video. Everything on this video was captured, edited, and put together on iPhone, (as you can clearly see in places ha). This video was inspired by Liam Riley’s entrance into Cockyboys and Ricky Roman’s & my little fun group #TeamTan.

Liam is one of us now, a full pledged Cockyboy and adorable addition to #TeamTan. (which is just another way of saying Ricky,  Liam and I really hit it off)

We hope to work and collaborate our ideas and visions with one another and continue to grow together as a brotherhood in Cockyboys and #TeamTan. 

I wouldn’t be where I am without Ricky and now Liam, so thank you guys both so much for believing and helping me express my visions like this and for all the great times we have shared together.



Watch for the hashtag #TeamTan on any social media and follow @ttaddicted on Twitter to keep up on Liam, Ricky, or myself!

Song: “CockyBoy” by M-Dro

Check out this hot & sexy Initiation:

Team Tan – Initiation from Levi Karter on Vimeo.

Author: Dante

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