Let’s meet Liam Riley – The Interview – Part 1


I’m sure by now you have all “met” Liam Riley. He’s fun loving, energetic, and almost always has a smile on his face. The former cheerleading celebrity who made the transition into porn about a year ago has been seen hanging out with all the Cockyboys, especially his roommate Levi Karter. He has a lot to say on twitter, but really, how much do you know about Liam?


His first scene, Meeting Liam, premiered on Cockyboys just in time for Halloween. We saw Levi greet him at the train station, Liam getting a tour of the Cockyboys home and some hot, sizzling sex between Liam and Levi as well as Ricky and Tayte.  With the second part of Meeting Liam coming out soon, it’s the perfect time to chat with Liam and really get to know him. After a saying hello, dealing with a few technical difficulties, I started right in with questions Liam was more than willing to answer!


Dante: Let’s start with Meeting Liam. Can you tell me what you see as a viewer of the film as well as someone who was in it?

 Liam: For the first part I was scared and going back to the house was kind of creepy. Walking through the back part of the house genuinely freaks me out. You can see it in the film, looking down into the basement. You  see right down there, with no doors blocking it. Walking down there when Levi is dead asleep scares me.  I  felt so connected filming it, that was genuine fear. When Jake added the sound effects it really made it come to life. Watching it I get so lost in how hot and passionate it is, and then out of no where something crazy happens that you just weren’t expecting.


D: How do you feel about your first scene with Cockyboys becoming part of a four part feature film?

Liam: I was really surprised. I thought it was going to be just one thing. Then when Jake started talking about it and when I read the directors notes I was like this is crazy! I still felt clueless about the whole thing so the next day I went to him and asked him to tell me about these four parts!


D: So it sounds like this wasn’t something you had discussed with him before filming began?

Liam: We started filming Meeting Liam and it was one long thing. We filmed more and more days and as Jake began editing he realized how much more we could do with it. When I found out it was turning into four parts was the same time that everyone else found it. I was really excited and honored about it.


D: Is there anything special you want your fans to know about the second part of Meeting Liam?

Liam: It’s very genuine. You see the friendships forming. That is my first moments hanging out with Tayte, Levi and Ricky. When you watch it you should know that the friendships were forming and strengthening. It’s the beginning of my friendships with Tayte and Ricky. I’ve known Levi, but didn’t get to know know him like I do now. Now I really know him. Living with him I know his every day schedule, I know him better than so many people will ever get to know him. Even though were were friends, this started a much stronger friendship.


D: I know this part focuses mainly on Ricky and Tayte, but do you play a big role in this one as well?

Liam: Me and Levi still have a huge part of it. It’s our story and it shows more of what happens when Ricky and Tayte got there. I feel like everyone feels that I’m going to take turns with everyone [in the next 3 parts]? But it gets really crazy, it’s really epic. Like how does this even happen?


D: What do you mean?

Liam: (With a big smile on his face) You will just have to see!


D: Speaking of Ricky, what’s the best part about working with him?

LiamL:  OMG I love Ricky so much! Everything about Ricky is great. Ricky is the perfect guy. He’s everything you want in a boyfriend, the perfect guy to date. He’s so genuine and kind hearted. He has this great, positive energy. Plus you melt just looking at him!


D: What was the best part about working with Tayte?

Liam: I love Tayte! He’s fun and energetic. He’ll always think of others first. He is always asking if you are hungry, he’s an amazing cook. He’s like the mother bird, no matter if its an appearance, the club or just at the house.


D: What was the best part of working with Levi?

Liam: It’s not only working, it’s living with him. Everything about him just makes me so happy. He’s my best friend in the city. I spend every moment of every day with him. It’s working with my best friend! This whole road strip thing we are about to do, I wouldn’t choose someone else to do this with, it’s like being Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Two best friends getting to experience life, party and have fun. Working with Levi is working with my best friend.


Right after this question we paused our interview so Liam could finish uploading his newest video to YouTube, Love Yourself. This is a great place to leave off for today. Take a look at the video, and as Liam as requested on Twitter, if you have any creative ideas or thoughts on how to help The Trevor Project send him an email.

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