2015 Rentboy.com Cash4Class Scholarship Program

Rentboy.com Announces its Cash4Class Scholarship Fund


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New York, NY (August 17th, 2015) – Rentboy.com, the largest site for male escorts, today announced their Cash4Class Scholarship , offering a $1,500 prize to a current male student who does sex work of any type-from porn to escorting and dancing. As part of its commitment to redefine the stigma associated with sex work, and encourage their men to think about long-term career paths outside of the sex industry, Rentboy.com is awarding the cash prize to the student who submits the best essay or video on Why Going to School is a Part of Achieving My Dream.

“Everyone deserves a chance at the American dream,” says Hawk Kinkaid, COO of Rentboy.com. “Today’s escorts and porn stars may become tomorrow’s programmers, lawyers, and innovators who will take the adult industry into the next generation of apps, cams, and provider/client verification software. But this isn’t about the adult industry educating its own cohort group,” he adds. “The fact of the matter is that large numbers of students are already turning to sex work to help pay for tuition, room and board, and long-term student loan bills.” The Scholarship is funded by Rentboy.com with support from CockyBoys.com

According to The Student Sex Project, one-in-five students have considered doing sex work to pay for college. And, surprisingly, the study found that a greater number of male students reported they had helped pay for university by working in some form of sex industry. “Their numbers don’t even account for all the students outside of university programs, engaged in secondary education and licensed certification programs like real estate, nursing, or personal training,” continues Mr. Kinkaid.

The Cash4Class scholarship isn’t the first time Rentboy.com has conducted a Back to School campaign. In past years, the website has offered discounts on escort ads for students enrolled in a university, adult education, or license certification program.

Mr. Kinkaid says Rentboy.com is excited to hear stories from real Rentboys paying their way through school. They’re encouraging men to explain in their essays or videos:

What are the fun parts of the job? What are the unique challenges they face? What have they learned about themselves and/or their clients through their work? Do friends know about their work? What are some of the surprising things that have happened along the path to receiving an education in both the classroom and in the unpredictable, but lucrative red-light zone?

Submissions must be received by September 15, 2015. Colby Keller, the internationally known blogger, artist and CockyBoys porn star, will determine the winner. “Knowledge really is power,” says Keller. “There are many people out there in the world who want to keep that power from (sex workers). There’s no better tool we have to fight unfair prejudices than with a well worked-out noggin.”

The $1500 prize is being funded by Rentboy.com with support from CockyBoys.com. For more information, visit www.rentboy.com/Scholarship .


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