A Healthy Look at Lust

The topic of lusts arises faster than my hard-on but falls even quicker than an exploration of the subject. We have lots of arousals, enticing sweeteners, visual and sensory stimuli to keep us thirsty and hungry, attaining drips of pleasure from the soup of lust, whilst remaining starving for the nourishment that this desire can bring.

Sexual energy is the fire that moves the human to action, the earth in motion, and life to pervade the cycles of the years. Sexual energy is our inherently primal and instinctual desire to not only procreate, but to connect deeply with another body, and transcend our own individually perceived limitations. We can leave our body in orgasmic release, experience realities, dimensions, and states of neuro-hormonal activity that is unsurpassed with other experiences. Orgasm and sexual arousal induces the entryway into a higher state of consciousness and level of awareness about the nature of our being. Particularly, orgasm is the portal that pierces through the material veil of illusiioned physical reality. Through this orgasmic unity and release, we transcends into a more harmonious, higher frequency experience…that some call “love” or being in-tune with the pulse of the universe.

Sexual energy is the trail, the simmering heat, and keeps us warm in an otherwise cold and dark universe, appearing vast and empty as the holes we try to fill with heat, touch, skin, body, love, acceptance, validation, admiration, and devotion. Lust is the learning of the student, who studies the nature of what this natural desire, that beats through our bodies, is, and what it leads to.

In Ancient Egypt (Kemet), ancient India (Vedic wisdom and yogic practices), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and occultism, there is a common sacred understanding in the power of sexual energy, or lust. This energy is no where near a sin, but how an individual uses this power can be done “sinfully”. By its nature, sexual energy is the power of life-force energy. In TCM, it is called “jing” which is regulated by the kidneys, and works through the body in a system of recorded flows of energy. There is immense power in lust, in this energy, and there is responsibility that comes with it.

Lust, sexual energy, is subject, by nature, to unfold in the ways we focus its use. We become what we do repeatedly. If we focus upon quick release, topical sexual fancy, and lack of depth within the exploration of this energy, then we become exactly that. If we value our sexual energy as the motivating force of life, stemming from a greater source, and manifesting through us for a higher purpose, then our experiences with lust and sexual energy take on depth, learning, love, ecstasy, and higher levels of being…or more simply, greater sense of self value and value and respect for life.

What does it mean to be “responsible” for our sexual energy? Harnessing our sexual energy means not jumping on our sexual impulses to have an organic release. It means to be conscious of the energy and that we can sublimate ejaculation and transmute that into other areas of our life. This is an ancient practice with many methods, but mindfulness (meditative practice) is the core of transmutation.

We can be a adult locked in the lower chains of dimensional existence, a slave to our sexual desires, desperately striving to bust a nut instead of using the tool of lust to fuel our lives and potentially explore and develop deeper meaningful relationships with ourselves and others. Eros, as the sexual nature of energy, is a buzzing, unseen vibration that is the erotic mystery that keeps us sparked with life and heart pumping desire to stay alive and experience life. It is with everything, everyone, all plants, animals, everything. When we amplify our thoughts through sublimation or transmutation, we increase our brain-psyche power and heighten our life force energy.

Lust itself, is pure, raw, primal, and essential for our journeys in life. The choice is up to us with how we utilize this sacred energy, and to harness that power with responsibility and respect, enhancing loving, sexual, orgasmic and beautiful experiences with ourselves and others. With this tantric approach to lust and sex, we can heal ourselves, others, and learn the mysteries towards the deeper aspects of life. The astrological sign of Scorpio is about the occult, sex and death….and there is a connective mystery between those aspects that grant us divine secrets of life.

Lust can take us to condemnation and slave-hood, or it can bring us utmost wisdom, liberation, and ecstatic bliss.
Where is your lust taking you?

Author: Mikal Mushakka

Mikal "Mushakka" Shkreli is a poet, multi-media mystic artist, and a metaphysics & yoga teacher based in New York City.

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